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After several years of working part time in the building industry, running various lines of work ranging from owning my own roofing company to building several homes part time, still while balancing working a full time job at a family oil business and with a wife and three small children at home, in 1985 I decided to take the leap. I incorporated Boynton Construction Inc, brought on a financial partner, and went full time into Developing Land and Building homes as a first generation Home builder. 

In my first year full time, while working on developing a parcel of land into lots, I built six new homes. After this, I dove into my first large project.  I teamed up with a local architect and together developed Hampshire Court Condominiums, a 25 hometown community in Vernon, CT.  The market was booming, and we had a waiting list of buyer’s eager for our product.  It was an exciting time and it silicified I had made the right choice by following my dream into the building industry.  While, finishing up these townhomes, I began on my next project in Ellington, a 19 home-site residential subdivision.  I continued developing numerous subdivisions from 10 lots to over 40 lots, along with several small commercial building projects.   

As time went on, my son Jon went to college seeking a degree in construction management. Upon his graduation, I encouraged him to work for another company to gain experience beyond what I could teach him. He followed this advice, working for a large commercial company building hospitals and billion dollar jobs.  This lasted approximately 5 years, right when I was about to start another condominium community. We had a brief conversation one day about possibly coming to work with me or staying employed at his current position. Two weeks to the day later he showed up at my office looking for his desk. What a great surprise and joy to move Boynton Construction in this new direction, a family business that still runs strongly today.  We continued to develop homes and condominiums as a team successfully.  As we did this, both my daughters worked on home design and sales as a team. My wife is always a huge support, and is the first to volunteer in helping stage model homes or assist in various needs.  My first daughter, Carolyn graduated with a teaching degree, and follows the path of child development, while occasionally getting pulled in now and then to assist in home design selections or sales. My second daughter Kristyn, graduated college with a degree in marketing, a perfect fit for the future needs of our family building company.  She also got her real estate license, and as her brother, worked locally for a realty firm, and then obtained her broker’s license.

As with Jon, Kristyn joined us looking for her office, joining the family business, forming Boynton Realty LLC together with Boynton Construction Inc. to offer full housing needs to our customers.   We currently have two active communities, with others in the pipeline to keep this next generation of Boynton Construction Homes going forward.

During the years of building our Business, I became involved in the Home Builders Association of Hartford (now called HBRA of Central CT). I was later asked to join the Board of Directors, as well as many other boards and volunteered on the local membership committee.  Working with fellow builders and associates with a strong belief in providing affordable housing to our communities and working with legislators to develop productive regulations and codes.  I have since served as a past president of the state and local home builders association and I was elected to become National Area Chairman (NAC) at the end of 2019 to represent the New England States of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire becoming an officer of NAHB.

Most recently, I was asked to be chairman on a legislative committee at the state capital working group of a working group to develop a model quality control plan for quarries in the state of CT and to study the workforce of contractors engaged in the repair and placement of concrete foundations.